Construction Framing

Construction framing, is a critical phase in building construction that involves creating the skeletal framework of a structure. Framing provides support, stability, and shape to the building, forming the foundation for the rest of the construction process.

Structural Components:

Framing typically involves the assembly of structural components such as walls, floors, and roofs. These components are constructed using various materials, including wood, steel, or engineered wood products like laminated veneer lumber (LVL) or engineered I-joists.

Wall Framing:

Wall framing establishes the vertical framework of the building. It involves constructing vertical studs, horizontal plates, and headers to create the wall structure. Wall framing also incorporates openings for doors, windows, and other wall penetrations.

Floor Framing:

This includes installing joists or trusses that span the distance between load-bearing walls or beams.

Roof Framing:

Roof framing is responsible for creating the structure that supports the roof covering. It typically involves installing rafters or trusses to form the roof’s shape and slope. Roof framing also incorporates elements such as ridge boards, collar ties, and other components to ensure structural integrity and load distribution.

Framing Techniques:

Different framing techniques can be employed based on the specific design and requirements of the structure. These techniques include platform framing, balloon framing, timber framing, or advanced framing. Each technique has its own advantages and considerations in terms of cost, strength, energy efficiency, and ease of construction.

Structural Integrity:

KGM will hire an Engineer to go over load points, snow load, and make sure the structure meets all standards required.

Building Codes and Regulations:

Framing must comply with local building codes and regulations that dictate standards for structural integrity, fire resistance, and safety. Compliance with these codes helps ensure that the building meets minimum safety requirements and passes inspections.

Collaboration From General Contractor:

KGM will be responsible for coordinating with all the trades on the current job site.

    It’s important to note that construction framing requires expertise and knowledge of building codes and structural engineering principles.

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